VMware – Assigning an IP Address to an ESXi Host


Every ESXi host must have an IP address assigned to it; the recommendation is to use static IP addresses. ESXi IP addresses can be assigned using Direct Console User Interface (DCUI).

To log into DCUI, connect to the console of the ESXi host. This can be done by plugging a monitor to the physical server, or by using a remote access utility such as HP iLO or DELL iDRAC. Press the F2 key and enter the user credentials for logging into the server, and then go to the Configure Management Network tab, as shown in the following screenshot:



Once on Configure Management Network, select IP Configuration and enter the desired IP settings. Refer to the following screenshot:


Depending on your server’s hardware configuration, you might also need to pick one or multiple, specific NICs. This can be done by accessing the Network Adapters pane and selecting all the needed NICs.




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